Rob Moore ist District Principal des Comox Valley School District auf Vancouver Island in Kanada. Im folgenden Interview erfährst Du, was Dich bei einem Auslandsaufenthalt an einem der schönsten Plätze Kanadas erwartet. Ein bisschen üben kannst Du für die Zeit im Ausland ebenfalls, denn das Interview ist auf englisch :O)

weltgewandt: „Mr. Moore, would you like to introduce your school district?“

Studying High School in Canada is a wise choice as every student in Canada is offered the highest quality education program. For example, each year Canada ranks in the top five of an international assessment in high school Mathematics and Science. Canada is also well known for its multicultural diversity and safe and welcoming environment for all.

Therefore, the Comox Valley welcomes you. After a brief 30 minute flight from Vancouver you will be picked up by your host family at the Comox Valley International Airport. The Comox Valley is home to 70,000 residents and is an English speaking community (95% have English as their first language) which enjoys the warm temperate climate of BC’s West Coast and offers all modern amenities for medical and dental care, transportation and shopping.

In our schools, we offer quality instruction by Canadian certified teachers in modern and well-equipped schools and we accept students in grades 7 to 12. Throughout your stay you will receive the support you need from our team to prepare yourself for entrance into the University of your Choice. Furthermore, in this ocean side city students are afforded an incredible array of educational, recreational and cultural opportunities which are all minutes apart.

With the skills and attitudes learned through integration into our schools, our authentic Canadian homestays, and our community, students increase their opportunities for future success. With 20 or more countries represented in our international program, students become part of our global community and make lasting connections with both Canadian students and international peers.

You can realize your academic and life dreams here in Canada and the Comox Valley!

weltgewandt: „Can you tell us a bit about your job/role?“

As a teacher and Principal for 35 years my mission is to provide the best support for every student I represent. This role as Principal of International Education is a special one as your parents have entrusted your care and educational journey to me and my staff and we take this most seriously. As your Principal I am responsible for developing programs to meet your needs, staffing my team, providing teaching staff to the school you attend, overseeing your Individual Learning Plan, seeing that your activity calendar is rigorous and interesting, overseeing marketing and recruitment in all the countries we receive students from, travelling to many countries to meet with students, parents and partners and finally, to ensure that our Homestay parents provide the type of care as if you were their child.

weltgewandt: „Why is it so important for young people to spend some time abroad, from your perspective?“

Your students are very fortunate – your parents have given you a gift that will last a lifetime! Travelling and studying abroad in Canada will: help you develop your English to the level you require and allow you to move more freely and with confidence in all countries that speak English; through the learning of English, afford you more work options when you complete your post-secondary education; expose you to a different set of values and beliefs that will enhance your own; introduce you to new ways of learning that you may take back to your home country for future consideration when you are in your working life and having a family of your own; increase your independent thought, your maturity and your wisdom for looking at the world in multiple ways.

The other thing is that you are bringing the world to the Comox Valley and adding value in all ways – at school, in the homestay and in the community. Thank you!

weltgewandt: „What makes Comox Valley such a special place to study?“

The Comox Valley is one of those special places on earth – nestled between a ski resort and the ocean. Where else can you ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon? Or kayak? Or sail? Or… The wide array of outdoor recreational opportunities is at your fingertips and literally minutes away from your homestay. It’s also a place deep in its commitment to the arts – Painting, Sculpting, Pottery, Theatre and Music. Evenings and weekends are filled with cultural experiences we hope you find the chance to participate in. The Comox Valley is also an area proud of its heritage – home to many aboriginal people from across Canada, and a history shaped by original immigrants who worked our forests, the oceans, the mines and the railroads. Take time to explore our history, it is rich and full.

The final piece is that you are coming into a small modern city that is safe, modern, welcoming and one where 98% of the residents have English as their first language. Be welcomed into a homestay, your school, and the community, that will care for you in every way and one where you learn English the best way possible, in an English immersion environment.

weltgewandt: „Thank you for taking your time, Mr. Moore!“

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