Experience report Canada 2012/2013 Time flies by To be honest it is really hard to write a report about a school year in another country. There is just so much that you experienced for the first time that it feels like you can’t write it all down at once. It would probably end up being a novel. And I truly apologize if it will get one. As the time came that I had to say goodbye to my friends in Germany I convinced myself that I would come back and shouldn’t be really sad because I knew how fast time flies by. During the flight over the ocean to Canada my excitement got stronger and stronger. I was happy to fly with other people from my organization and talk about the new things that would come and our fears. At the Airport my hostmother and older Canadian hostsister welcomed me with a cup of coffee. From the first minute on I was impressed by everything that was new. The mountains of the Okanagan Valley, Tim Hortons, the house I would live in, the city by itself and those big lakes that almost surrounded the city. My family and I got along really well since the very beginning. As they showed me the house and all the family members they told me that I could decide if I wanted to come and pick up my other new hostsister from Mexico that came 2 days later than me. She is one of the craziest and loveliest people I ever met. In the first month I was really shy but tried to be as open minded as I could. I was thankful that the people in school came up to me and welcomed me with open arms. I realized pretty fast that it didn’t really matter how many friends wrote me on facebook because I kept contact with the closest ones and I should’ve rather been glad how many people I meet from all over the world. Even if everything went well there were some things that I had to get used to and cultural things that I learned every day. What helped or mattered was my attitude towards the new life I had. And I am proud to say that I was able to think positive. As the winter came my dream approached. Skiing is the sport in which I found all my passion and I could do it easily every single day. I enjoyed Canada with all my heart. When people usually ask now how my year went by I normally answer with a short: “Well. It was a lot of fun.” Even though I would love to tell the whole world about every single moment I spend with friends, family, in school, at the ski hill or anywhere else. I was pretty close with my family. Tracy, my hostmum helped me with anything and I was never afraid to ask questions or tell her my worries. Henry, my hostdad was caring and worked up north for 2 weeks and came back home for 1 week. Hailey, my older sister was not only a sister but also a very good friend. Romina, my Mexican older sister was crazy and I was always laughing with her. I admired them all and proud to say that they were the family I wished for when I came to Canada. During this whole year I was really lucky to be able to do some trips. Going to Vancouver, Icefishing, Snowmobiling, trips to the Rocky Mountains and many other ones. When I think back I don’t regret anything I did in the past and not at all going to Canada. It was more than a good experience. It gave me confidence and helped me to get more independent, not being afraid about new starts because there are so many nice people everywhere in this world. After 6 amazing months in B.C. my mother from Germany asked me if I wanted to extent my time in Canada. I loved the idea and decided to stay until the end of May 2013. I have never felt happier about any decision in my life so far. Those few months more gave me more experience. Like joining the girl soccer team at my school. “Sonics forever!! “ In the times I missed my friends or family in Germany I tried to talk with them an hour more at Skype. It helped me but I have to say that I focused a lot on my Canadian life and never had big problems. Which doesn’t mean at all that I never missed anybody. Talking a bit more and thinking about memories helped a lot. To finish my report I want to thank the organization, my parents and some other people for giving me this opportunity. This year changed a lot for me. I would love to do it once more and travel as much as I can in my life. This year flew by so fast that I couldn’t believe that it was time to leave after 9 months. A promise I made and will not break: “I will come back one day.” Beschreibung Fotos 1. Silver Star Ski Resort 2. 43rd Ave. Winter and summer 3. Kalamalka Lake at its best- 4. My host family: (from left to right) Henry, Tracy, Romina, Hailey and me I have way to many beautiful pictures and I would love to put every single one in here but I should leave it like this for now I guess. Lea Muenstermann Bonn, the 13th of August 201

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